Side Hustlin’

Side Hustlin’







What’s your side hustle!?

Here at Mango Mango Design we believe everyone should have a side hustle!  This post is to help you turn entrepreneurial ideas into a reality, or to help you come up with a new small business that would suit you!

You don’t need to be an expert in your field to start a business, you just need a passion to succeed, a business plan and a small amount of marketing!

Side hustlin’ is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s a long-term game that that will build over time.  Don’t think of it as something to do instead of your current work, but something to do additionally, for extra cash!

Your side hustle could become your full time job!

What started as something you did on weekends and evenings could one day become a full time job!  You could be working for yourself, choosing whatever hours you want and taking days off to suit your lifestyle!   Again, this would be a slow process.  When your side hustle starts to get busy, you can cut down a day off your current job and spend more time on your own business.  (If it succeeds!)  Then when it get’s busier again, you can cut another day off your current job, and so on!

We’ve produced a list of Side Hustles below for you to use as inspiration, maybe something below suits you, or maybe it will give an idea into what you really want to do.  These ideas do not need a lot of money to start, they just need hard work, self-discipline, no shame and no fear of failure.


  • Airbnb: If you have extra room in your house, you can earn money by renting it out to visitors on  You’ll also meet interesting people from around the world.
  • Car Sales: If you know your cars, you can buy and sell them for profit.  Cheap cars are a very fast turn our for a constant flow of profit.
  • Cleaning services: Your weekends could be used to grow a small cleaning business.  Once you have cleaning contracts you can employ someone to clean for you whilst keeping some of the profits.
  • Computer repair Service: For those who find computers a piece of cake, why not start a small business fixing computers, installing virus checkers etc.
  • Computer Tutoring: Give someone a helping had with their computer work.  Set them up a Facebook page and help them become I.T wizards.
  • Cake Baker: Start baking today.  Take orders from friends and family.  Start a Facebook Business Page and add ‘Services’.  Make some leaflets and put them in the local shops.
  • E-commerce: If you have products you make or things you can buy and sell for profit, then you could benefit from setting up an e-commerce shop.  Get your products on ebay and gumtree!
  • Housesitting: A friendly smile and a few references could land you with some decent housesitting jobs, especially for those home owners with pets.
  • Hair Dresser: If you already cut your own hair, your children’s or friends hair then why not start charging and get some extra cash? Travel to your customer’s houses, or make a small salon in your own.
  • Babysitter: Expand on any babysitting you already do. Give our business cards.  Take a course in your local college.  Expand into new areas.
  • Car Detailer: Enjoy cleaning your own car? Tell people in your local area that you’ll also do a great job on their cars.  Create some business cards and leaflets and put an advert in the local newsletter.
  • Catering: If you already working as a chef for a restaurant, but would like extra work with better pay, why not start your own small catering company!
  • Dog Walker: If you know an elderly person who struggles to walk their dog regularly, or business person who struggles to find time, offer to walk their dogs for a small fee. Walk someone’s dog every morning before work, then expand on that.  Walk multiple dogs at a time for extra cash.
  • Event Planner: Maybe you’re a fantastic party planner and it’s something you’d like to do for extra cash? Put an advert out and see what comes back.  You never know what you’ll be planning in the upcoming months!
  • Gardener: If you’ve got your own strimmer and mower then you’ve already got a business waiting to be launched.
  • Painter: If you’ve just done a great job painting your own room or house, then why not take some pictures and post them online promoting your skills. Friends and family members can hire you to do theirs for them! They buy the paint, you bring the brushes, masking tape and sheets.
  • Party Promoter: Contact local clubs and get paid to promote events. Use your own social media channels or create a promotional channel.  Look into creating viral content online.
  • Personal Trainer: If you’re a regular gym goer and you have a good teaching style, then why not do some personal training? Become qualified and make it happen!
  • Photographer/ Videographer: Love taking photos and videos? Why not purchase a camera and get started with your own show reel? Promote the business through social media and word of mouth for free.
  • Security Guard/ Bouncer: Once your qualified you can work freelance for your local pubs and clubs or start your own firm.
  • Sports Coach: If your good at certain sports, you could set up a coaching club, or a sports club for kids.
  • Yoga Instructor: Are you good at yoga and would like to make it more than just a hobby? Start your own yoga classes at your local community hall, you can advertise on local news boards and in shops.
  • Ironing/ Mobile Laundry Service: Pick up people’s laundry and bring it back to them clean, dry, ironed and folded. Make sure everyone knows that’s what you do, and work around their schedules.   Charge for your time and for the energy used and add delivery charges.
  • Moving service: If you’ve got a van or even without, you can help people move house.
  • Pet Grooming/ Sitting: Why not become a dog groomer/ hair cutter. Advertise on social media and in your local shops.
  • Selling on Amazon: There are reports of people earning hundreds of thousands of pounds every month using Amazon. Find products locally and ship them off to sell on Amazon.
  • Selling on  is a very easy way to sell your skills for five dollars. Great for small jobs including translating, voice overs, video acting, graphic design etc.
  • T-Shirt Printing: Become a screen printer for t-shirts with some cheap and easy to use gadgets. Design your own t-shirts and sell online or print for local companies.
  • Music teacher: If you’re great on a certain instrument, then you could be teaching those skills to others on a 1:1 basis. Again, put an advert in your local shop and build from there.


We hope you like our Side Hustle ideas!  If you want any help starting a side hustle or if you want to progress any current projects into the online world please contact us for further information – click our contact page above.




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